Decentralized Economics in Online Gaming and Betting

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About Course

Welcome to Coingames Academy’s Decentralized Economics in Online Gaming and Gambling training.

Course Goal: To equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to understand about the decentralization revolution and how it is transforming the global economy and we will explore how these tools can enable a fairer and more equitable economy for all.

Before we begin remember to watch each video and mark as completed the program lessons so you can move forward with the training.

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Course Content

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MODULE 1. Introduction to Decentralization and its Benefits
In this module, we will explore the idea of decentralization and how it can benefit users. You will learn how blockchain technology has created a new form of finance that does not require intermediaries, leading to greater transparency and access.

MODULE 2. Decentralized Finance (DeFi) in the Gaming and Betting Industry
In this module we will see how decentralization can revolutionize the gaming industry and how it can benefit users of online games. Module synthesis: * You will learn how blockchain technology can ensure transparency and fairness in every step of the gaming process, from random number generation to prize payouts. * We will also discuss how decentralization can democratize the gaming industry, allowing marginalized people to participate and receive a fair share of the benefits. * You will discover how online gambling can be fair and exciting, and how blockchain technology can ensure that the results are truly random and that no one can manipulate them. This module is for those who are looking for a more transparent and fair way to play.

MODULE 3. NFT’s in the Gaming Industry
In this module, we will explore the world of NFTs and how they are used in the gaming industry. Module Overview: You will discover how NFTs are revolutionizing the gaming industry and enabling ownership and management of virtual assets. You will learn how NFTs can enhance the player experience by enabling character and item customization, and how they can enable interaction between different games and platforms. You will discover how NFTs can enable players to have a true sense of ownership over their virtual assets and how they can be used to create new business models in the gaming industry. This module is for those looking for a more interactive and personalized way to play. NFTs are not only a form of digital ownership, but can also be a way to connect people through their love of games. Imagine being able to trade your NFTs with other players and build an online community of passionate gamers like yourself.

This will be your last phase to graduate from our Intensive Course on Decentralized Economies in Online Gaming and Gambling. In this final project, you will apply the knowledge acquired in the course to receive your own Certificate of Completion in an NFT. You will put into practice your acquired knowledge on : COINGAMES Interaction with NFT's marketing platforms.

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